Connecticut Coastal Residence

Private Residence, Westport, Connecticut

Connecticut Coastal Residence … on a couple’s new property one loves a clean, well-ordered, balanced space; the other loves a more natural, organic expression.

Our design solution includes organically shaped, monolithic fieldstone steps leading up to a clean square lounging area of silver travertine set into the lush green lawn, surrounded by wind-swept native ornamental grasses. In the lawn area below, rain gardens showcase the colorful plantings and a row of custom raised planting beds in crisp squares of corten steel overflow with sun-ripened fresh veggies and herbs.

It’s the perfect blend of natural materials, salt tolerant plantings and crisp, ordered geometry. 

The front entry landing repeats the ordered grid, a design element allowing storm-water to infiltrate into the ground water. Strong design that is ecological -- a successful design that works for the homeowners, the property and the environment.